Instagram made life a lot easier for its power users as you can now send direct messages on Instagram right from their website.

How to send a direct message via Instagram

1 - Click on the profile for someone you would like to connect via IG direct message, then click the Instagram icon underneath their profile image

2 - From here you will be redirected into their Instagram profile where you can click the "message" icon to send that DM

3 - Once your message is sent, head back into Penny and hit that green complete button to finish off that task!

Here is an image of how this looks 👇

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 You can tell if a contacts IG is connected by the little camera icon with their username showing up on their profile! If this is missing you can connect an Instagram account with a few simple steps! On their profile, click 'Edit' and then scroll down until you see the empty Instagram field, input their username and you're good to go!

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