Is your contact only reachable on Facebook? Who isn't these days? Now you can add your contact's Facebook profile to their contact card so you can send them content, personalized messages, or if you're really brave, post something to their wall. 😉

Before you get started: Make sure you are logged into Facebook and have your contact's profile opened up. Ensure their URL is at the top.

You can find it like this, it's just the link at the top of the page. Copy the URL ID (everything after the ".com/") to your clipboard by right clicking and hitting "copy" or selecting it and pressing 'ctrl' + 'c' on your keyboard. 👇

How to add a Facebook Profile from the web app

1 - Login to Penny and go to "Contacts"

2 - Search for the contact you'd like to add the profile to and select it. Their profile card will appear

3 - Select "Edit" ✏️

4 - Under the Facebook space, paste everything after the ".com/" in their Facebook URL link. In this case, I would paste "" in the space.

5 - Hit "Save".

🌶️ Hot Tip 🌶️ You may only have a set of numbers in the Facebook URL, just paste those in the space instead. It may look like this:

That's it! 🎉

Here is a visual of how this whole process looks:

Want to add your contact's Instagram account linked in their profile? Hit the button below to learn more 👇

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