With Penny's Freemium Plan, you can revv up your business by having your own personal assistant working for you 24/7. Here, we give you a breakdown of exactly what Penny Freemium Plan has to offer.

Get a daily "to-do" list

Penny creates a task list for you, everyday! She prioritizes any tasks that are scheduled for that day or coming up that week. This way, when you promise your contact you're going to call them today, you actually do it. 😎

Automatically schedule reach outs for your newest prospects

Penny automatically creates an initial task for you as soon as you create a "prospect". When you make new friends, Penny helps you maintain those relationships as soon as possible. Now you won't lose track of all your potential customers.

Schedule a follow-up chat

Had a great conversation and looking forward to the next one? Penny is on it already! As soon as you've completed any task, Penny will ask you right way if you'd like to schedule another one for the future and then adds it directly to your roster.

Track your progress everyday

Need help tracking where you are at for the day? No problem. Penny has graphs that track exactly how much work you've done out of the tasks she's scheduled for you for that day. This give you an extra push when you're close to the finish line!

Here is a visual of how to complete one of your daily tasks 👇

Gain new potential customers everyday

On the prospecting page is where you'll see all your tasks, scheduled and completed.

Sync all your mobile contacts

Have contacts on your phones that you want to add into the app? You can sync your mobile contacts and also have the ability to view them in the web app.

Get new prospects generated for you everyday

Speaking of new prospects, once you sync your socials Penny will funnel them right into your Daily tasks. Click here to find out just how you can flip this feature on and off. Everyday you will get a new set of fresh faces to chat with, keeping your day interesting and your prospect list new and exciting.

Here's a visual of how you can "Fill Your Funnel" and generate new prospects 👇

None of your prospects will ever fall through the cracks again

Nobody likes to feel neglected or forgotten! Whenever you haven't reached out to a potential prospect within a 2 week period since your last contact, Penny will add them to your Daily list. This way, all your contacts get an equal amount of love and never fall through the cracks only to be found month later 😬

Keep all your contacts organized without a spreadsheet

On the Contacts pages is where you'll find all your contacts that you've added into the app.

A customized Customer Care Cycle for your business

Penny creates touchpoint tasks for all your customers so you can keep track of their shipments and check-in with them periodically. This will help bring your customer service to the next level and sustain a consistent and attentive relationship with your customers. With the "Freemium" plan you can have 5 customers saved in your Penny app.

Categorize your contacts for easy organization

Each of your contacts have a category whether they are prospects, customers, your downline, in another line or not interested (for now 😉 ). Keep them filed and visible with the categorization feature. Click here to learn more about how to edit and organize your contacts.

Tag your contacts with products and labels

Even better, you can narrow down your search by adding tags to your contacts. Have a list of new moms or contacts with specific allergies? You can tag a contact with anything you can think of by creating a custom tag in Penny. Now you finally have a way of tracking all your "vegan", "new mom", "allergic to nuts" contacts - just in case.

Here is how you can create and search for all your tags 👇

Create custom lists of contacts for your next big campaign

Easily curate contact lists for sales and promotions that you're holding

Having a sale on a line of special products? You can create a list of all your customers who have purchased any items in that line as well as any prospects who are interested in trying them. This makes campaigns so much easier instead of sifting through your contacts and their orders one-by-one. With the "Freemium" plan, you can create 1 custom list at a time and test out the feature! Ready to upgrade and get unlimited access? Upgrade to Penny's "Pro" plan!

See the visual below for how you can create a custom list 👇

Filter your custom list using the custom tags your created

Remember that Penny feature where you can label all those users with your own personalized tag? When you make custom lists, you can include or exclude those users from the campaign too if it doesn't apply to them. Click here to learn how to create and filter tags your tags. 👈

Keep your contacts engaged with personalized content

Send your contacts links, videos and visuals made by your Direct Sales Company!

Penny has her own library of content just for you and your company. Is a prospect of yours interested in something specific? We got you. You can send them an informative video, reading or picture via Facebook, SMS, email, Whatsapp or whatever platform you communicate best with them. With the "Freemium" plan, you can create 1 piece of content at a time and test out the feature! Ready to upgrade and get unlimited access to content? Upgrade to Penny's "Pro" plan!

Create scripts for specific tasks on your list

Have a spiel for each potential prospect that works time and time again? Penny's content feature allows you to save your own script right into the app. She will suggest that script whenever you message a potential new prospect that she sends over to you in your daily to-do list. You can create a script for each task in Penny whether it's an auto-ship task, follow-up, check-in, box-opening etc. 🤓 With the "Freemium" plan, you can create 1 script at a time and test out the feature! Ready to upgrade and get unlimited access to content scripts? Upgrade to Penny's "Pro" plan!

Get tons of support from our specialized team

Dedicated live chat support

The Penny Support Team is available almost everyday to help answer your inquires LIVE. Just click the blue and white Penny head in the corner of your web app screen and punch in any inquires you may have.

Video tutorials

Need some visuals to help you better navigate the app? There are tons of video tutorials available for your learning and viewing pleasure.

Help articles

The Penny Help Center has dozens of articles for you to choose from with numbered instructions, visuals and a search engine for you to look up any keywords that will help you find what you're looking for. Click here to access our help centre! 👈

Ready to upgrade and get unlimited access? Upgrade to Penny's "Pro" plan!

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