The Team Care feature in Penny is the best way to get a handle on your progress, your individual team members' progress and the overall performance as a team.

How does the graph work?

All graphs in Team Care are calculated in a rolling 4 weeks schedule. That means once a week is complete, the information updates, removes the first week in the comparison chart, then adds the next week's progress. This way, you are always up-to-date with the latest information.

See the image below for an example of how an individual team member's graph looks like 👇

What types of graphs are there?

Under "All tasks" you can switch the dropdown option in the graph to show your personally enrolled, your whole team or your performance.

The Team Care feature allows you to see your own weekly performance accumulated in a score called a PPI. You will also be able to see your team's individual and collective performance under "Team PPI".

See below for how to switch the views of the graph 👇

What is PPI?

Our team made a special algorithm just to track your team performance. 🤓 PPI = Penny Performance Indicator.

Penny takes all of the information about things that make your business grow. This includes your orders, new enrolments, how many tasks you complete etc. and determines an overall score to give you a clear picture of your weekly performance.

How to read a Team Care graph

The video below will walk you through how to read the Team Care graphs and determine your, individual, or team performance.

Want to know more about Team Care and how it works?

Click the link below for more information:

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