Ready to take Penny anywhere? Penny is not only a desktop app, you can also access her from any mobile device whether you are using a iPhone or Android.

Keep reading below to see how you can download the app and get to work 👇

How to download Penny on mobile

1 - Go to the Google Play Store. Here, you will download the Penny App onto your phone.

2 - In the search bar, search "Penny Ai", or "Penny App". Now select Search on your keyboard.

3 - The Penny App will appear at the top. Select the Get or Install button to download the Penny App.

4 - Once the download is complete, select Open to launch the app.

5 - The Penny App will now open. From here, create your Penny account by selecting the Get Started button.

🌶️ Hot Tip 🌶️ Already signed up for Penny via the web app? If you already have a Penny account, select I have an account button to sign into your existing account.

6 - To create a Penny account, input your email, name and a secure password.

🌶️ Hot Tip 🌶️ We recommend creating a password with 8+ characters, at least one number and 1 special character

7 - Type your company's name in the space provided (Ie. Isagenix, Cerule, Travelling Vineyard, etc.)

8 - As you type your company name, it may generate your company for you. If it does, input your company's back office info (username and password) to sync your account to Penny.

🌶️ Hot Tip 🌶️ If your company name doesn't appear, don't worry, you can still use Penny. Simply type in the full name of your company then select Continue.

9 - Once those steps are complete, you will see an All Set page.

10 - From this page, select the Get Acquainted with Penny button to bring you to the Help & Learning section of your new Penny account. Go through the sections to learn the basics of Penny.

11 - Or, select Jump right in to be brought to the Daily screen of your Penny account. Now you can get started on completing your tasks.

🌶️ Hot Tip 🌶️ From here, go ahead and select Add Contacts to start adding contacts for you to prospects from your mobile device in order to utilize Penny's powerful prospecting tools.

That's it! 🎉

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