Ready to take Penny anywhere? Penny is not only a desktop app, you can also access her from any mobile device whether you are using an iPhone or Android.

Keep reading below to see how you can download the app and get to work 👇

How to download Penny on mobile

1 - Go to the Google Play Store. Here, you will download the Penny App onto your phone.

2 - In the search bar, search "Penny Ai", or "Penny App". Now select Search on your keyboard.

3 - The Penny App will appear at the top. Select the Get or Install button to download the Penny App.

4 - Once the download is complete, select Open to launch the app.

5 - The Penny App will now open. From here, create your Penny account by selecting the Get Started button.

🌶️ Hot Tip 🌶️ Already signed up for Penny via the web app? If you already have a Penny account, select I have an account button to sign into your existing account.

6 - To create a Penny account, input your email, name and a secure password.

🌶️ Hot Tip 🌶️ We recommend creating a password with 8+ characters, at least one number and 1 special character

7 - Type your company's name in the space provided (Ie. Isagenix, Cerule, Travelling Vineyard, etc.)

8 - As you type your company name, it may generate your company for you. If it does, input your company's back office info (username and password) to sync your account to Penny.

🌶️ Hot Tip 🌶️ If your company name doesn't appear, don't worry, you can still use Penny. Simply type in the full name of your company then select Continue.

9 - Once those steps are complete, you will see an All Set page.

10 - From this page, select the Get Acquainted with Penny button to bring you to the Articles & Videos section of your new Penny account. Go through the sections to learn the basics of Penny.

11 - Or, select Jump right in to be brought to the Daily screen of your Penny account. Now you can get started on completing your tasks.

🌶️ Hot Tip 🌶️ From here, go ahead and select Add Contacts to start adding contacts for you to prospects from your mobile device in order to utilize Penny's powerful prospecting tools.

That's it! 🎉

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