Did you know that you can search for your contact’s social media directly from Penny? Continue reading to learn how to!🚀

How to search for social contacts using the web:

1 - Ensure you have the Penny+ Extension downloaded.

2 - Select a task and click the “Contact {Name of Contact} button on the right-hand side.

3 - On the bottom, you will see three options: Search Instagram, Search Facebook, and Search LinkedIn.

🔥Hot Tip 🔥You can also go to the Contacts section and choose the Contact’s profile, click on Contact, and the same buttons will appear.

4 - Search Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn opens another tab that searches for the contact's social media profile.

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 These buttons will only appear if the information is missing from the contact’s profile.

5 - Select the correct profile from the search results. Now you can add the contact directly to your app. With the Penny+ extension, you can just click on the Penny logo to add your contact to the app.

To learn more about the Penny+ extension click the button below:

To direct add a contact from your social networks, click the button below:

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