How to Merge Contacts
Easily merge contacts that have been imported from different places, such as Mobile or your back office.
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When you first import your mobile contacts, Penny will automatically merge your contacts with the Customers and Consultants that are already in Penny.

If their names are the same on your mobile contacts and in your back office (i.e.: Layla Grace), Penny should have no problem merging them.

⚠️ But in the rare case that your contact uses a maiden or middle name in one place and not the other (i.e.: Layla Lynn Grace and Layla Grace), Penny doesn't want to assume they're the same person. Instead, you will see it as a suggestion! 😉

How to Merge Contacts

Merging in the mobile app works a little differently.

1 - Select More on the lower right-hand side of the mobile app, and then select Contacts 📱
OR if you are on the web version on your computer, select the Contacts tab 💻

2 - Using the search bar, type the name of your contact and select the name from the results

3 - Select Merge, from your contact's profile card.

4 - Type in the contact's name you'd like to merge the profile with.
5 - Select the contact.

6 - A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your decision. Select "Merge"!

⚠️ If you open a contact profile that has not been categorized, you can choose any of these options to categorize your contact before merging with the profile that is synced from your back office. Like this 👇

Important Note: Penny doesn't allow you to merge an active and inactive profile right now. Sorry about this! Click the link below to learn more about Inactive contacts 👇

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