Sometimes, we just have to say goodbye. And that includes saying ta-ta 👋 to some contacts, too. No worries, you can!

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 By categorizing a contact as "Not interested", Penny will hide the prospect from your contact list, but not delete them.

How to delete contacts

1 - Go into your Penny app under "Contacts"

2 - Search for the contact you want to delete by typing their name into the search bar in the top right corner or selecting the contact you want to delete.


Select one of the menu options at the left-hand sidebar such as "Customers", "Prospects", "Downline" etc. Select the contact you want to delete.

3 - A panel will slide out of the right side of your screen once you've selected your contact's profile. That is their profile card.

4 - In the profile card, you'll see a "Delete Permanently" option. Click it!

If by chance you clicked "Delete Permanently" by accident, (Oops!) 🤦🏽 Not to worry, an “Are you sure?” option will pop up on the screen to confirm your decision. Just hit "Yes" or "No".

Video Tutorial

Watch the video below to see a full demo of how to delete a contact.

Looking to edit a contact? Click this link to learn how 👇

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