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How to create a Task
How to create a Task

This article shows you how to create a new task for a contact in Penny.

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Have you completed your assigned daily tasks and are ready to include additional ones in your workflow? 🚀

As your virtual assistant, Penny takes care of a lot of the groundwork, like generating various tasks such as Reach outs and Follow ups. If you're interested in expanding your Daily task list, you can visit👉 this link to learn more.

However, sometimes you want to go off-book and do your own thing or even record tasks you've done in the past. Here, we will show you how to do that! 🙌

Create a new task from a contact profile

1 - Open the Penny app on your mobile phone.

2 - Select "More" in the bottom menu and then "Contacts" 📱 OR select the Contacts menu option on the left-hand side if you are on the web version. 💻

3 - Type the name of your contact in the search box.

4 - Select the name from the results to see their profile card.

5 - Select "Activity" on the profile card.

6 - Select "+ Task"

7 - Penny will ask you the following: "When would you like to schedule this task?"

Select one from the options or pick a date.

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 You can also select a date for a previously completed task.

8 - Select "Add task."

9 - Add notes or Tags. (Optional but important.) To learn more about tags, click here.

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 You can add Notes or Tags to the task itself as a reminder of what to mention during your next chat.

10 - Select Next.
11 - Select Activity to view the task you created.

Create a new task from the add section

1 - Open Penny on your mobile phone 📱 OR log in to the Penny Web Version 💻

2 - From the mobile app, select the "Add" menu option on the bottom left-hand side OR select Prospecting on the left-hand side of the web version.

3 - Select "Add a Task."

4 - Penny will ask "Who is this task for?". Select a contact or type their name in the search box.

5 - Choose from the options or Pick a Date.

6 - Select "Add a Task."

7 - Add Notes and Tags; remember this is important but optional.
8 - Select "Save." Now, you should be able to see the task directly on their profile card under the Activity tab.

Here is a visual of the Add section in the web version 💻 👇

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