Time for a change? Or, maybe you forgot your password...again. 🤦🏽‍♀️ We got you! Penny never judges. 😉

If you’d like to change your Penny password, take a moment to follow these quick steps. And if you can't get into Penny at all? That's cool, we got you covered, too in this article.

Change your password in the Penny App

Step 1 - Sign in to Penny and go to your settings (or click here 👈)

Step 2 - A menu will appear on the left. Select “Change Password”.

Step 3 - Enter your new password and then click on the “UPDATE” button.

#HOTTIP Select the "Show Password" checkbox ✔️ to ensure you're typing in exactly what you intended to. Why? Penny is a little case-sensitive. Like this ☝️

Forgot your password

From the Web App

1 - Go to the Penny web app 👈

2 - Click the "Forgot Password" button below the login space

3 - A space will appear to enter your email. Enter the email you used to sign up with Penny

4 - Hit "Recover Password". The message "Password reset instructions have been sent to your email :)" will appear inside a green box.

5 - Sign into your email account and find the email Penny sent you called

"Penny - Reset Password" *Check your spam and junk folder too if it's not in your main inbox*⚠️

6 - Click the "Reset Your Password" link inside the email body.

This will take you back to Penny.

7 - Enter your NEW password. Don't forget to check ✅ the "Show Password" box!

8 - Hit "Update"

TADA! 🎉 You're in 😉

From the Mobile App

Same steps inside the mobile app as the web app (see above) - they just look a little bit different. Here's a visual showing you how it looks:

🚨One last thing! - changing your Penny password won't change your credentials in your business' back-office BUT if you do change your back office password, you may want to update your linked account settings in Penny! 😉

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