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Curate the Perfect List with Custom Lists
Curate the Perfect List with Custom Lists

This article will guide you on how Penny helps you build a list of targeted contacts for your next campaign.

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What are Custom Lists?

Have an upcoming event or promotion? Penny's Custom Lists feature helps you build powerful lists to keep you organized during these busy times. These lists consist of your best-fit contacts based on specific criteria in three easy steps!

For example, if you have many customers who have purchased one product from a line but not the whole line, you can create a list just for those contacts.

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 A custom list is a snapshot of a group of contacts of the time when you create the list. It is not an active list that continues to grow.

How to Create a Custom List

1 - Navigate to the Custom List page

  • On the mobile app, select Lists at the bottom of the page 📱

  • On the web version, select Custom List at the left-hand side of the page 💻

2 - Create the list

  • On the mobile app, select the + icon 📱

  • On the web version, select + Add 💻

3 - Add the List name, select the end date, (end date of a promotion or date when you would like to complete the custom list) then finally the contact types you want to include OR not include in your Custom List.

For example Prospects, Customers, Downline, or all of the above

6 - Select "Save"

Note: When deleting a Custom List, it changes the activity on the included contacts' Profile Card to "deleted" and removes any scheduled follow-ups.

These follow-ups are only removed if the list has not yet expired or that follow-up has not been completed! "Completed" activities will remain on the contact's profile card.

Advanced Custom Lists 🔥 HOT TIPS 🔥

🔥#1 - You can incorporate the content feature into the custom list feature.

How? Create a specific script for the list you made. If you made a list that includes all of your customers and prospects who are focused on weight loss, you can then create a script with language and products that match. Then, when you complete tasks, you have a script ready to go, no extra typing, no copying. Now you can complete all your custom lists tasks within minutes.

🔥#2 - You will get a set of tasks from your custom list added every day to your daily

Once the Custom List is saved, Penny ensures it is top-of-mind by adding the task options for each of the contacts to your Daily where you can complete, delete, or delay the task for later.

🔥#3 - You can exclude certain contacts from your list to target specific contacts.

Have a customer who purchased a weight loss product but has no matching vitamins? You can exclude certain contacts based on tags in their profile, products they have or have not purchased before, or even based on their location. Just select the tab that says "But Have Not..." in your Custom List creator and customize it just how you'd like.

🔥 #4 - You can target contacts in your list based on when they last purchased a product.

Has your customer purchased a certain product in the last few months? You can now select a contact who has purchased a product within the last 'x' months. The drop-down menu will allow for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months. Perhaps you have a customer who has NOT purchased a product in a certain number of months. You can also select a contact who has NOT purchased anything within the last 'x' months. Again, the drop-down will allow for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months.

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