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What are the Icons on My Prospects?
What are the Icons on My Prospects?

This article will show you how to rank a prospect with Penny's pre-existing prospect symbols - 💎 🔥 🤞

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Penny has features that allow you to rank your prospects and label them with a special icon to help identify who is who.

Depending on what ranking you choose, Penny will automatically create a task date based on that information and will prioritize your workload for you.

What are prospect rankings?

There are 6 pre-existing rank selections currently:

  • 💎 Potential consultant - tag attached and task created 7 days from the completed date

  • 🔥 Hot prospect - tag attached and task created 2 weeks from the completed date

  • 🤞 There’s a chance - tag attached and task created 30 days from the completed date

  • 🤔 On the fence - tag attached and task created 60 days from the completed date

These selections you see during a task completion will simply create tasks, not place your contact into a rank system

  • 🤷 Not sure yet - no tag attached but the task is created 2 weeks from the completed date

  • 🚫 Not Interested - no tag attached and no task will be created

Each rank represents the contacts' potential to become a customer or a consultant. This way, you know who needs more time and attention and who is ready to rock and roll right away 🚀

How do I rank a prospect?

You can rank a prospect in 2 ways: through your Daily page Reachout or Follow-up tasks or from a Prospect's profile card.

We recommend doing this from your Daily page. When you complete a Reachout task, Penny will request you to rank the prospect. Once you rank the prospect, Penny will schedule a follow-up (unless stated otherwise). When you complete that scheduled follow-up task then you can select a new rank from there if it changes.

How to rank a prospect from a task:

1 - Select "Complete" on any prospecting task (eg. one of your Reachout tasks in the Daily)

2 - Penny will ask how the communication task went - Select from the menu options there.

Note: You can exit out of this page to leave the category blank but this will skip the step of automatically creating a follow-up task.

3 - Input any notes or tags you'd like the contact to have associated with their profile or just create a new follow-up task

4 - Select "Close" or "Save"

How to rank a prospect from a contact profile card:

1 - Select "More" and then "Contacts" in the mobile app
OR Select "Contacts" in the web version.

2 - Select the contact you'd like to change ranks

Note: No prospects yet? See this article on 👉 how to add a prospect.

3 - Select the Edit icon ✏️

4 - Select a "Status" from the drop-down menu at the top

5 - Select "Save". That's it!

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 You can also choose to leave the status blank if you're unsure, or don't want any rankings.

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