Do you often switch from your social media accounts to Penny to add and communicate with your contacts? We've got awesome news for you. 😉

Penny is now closer to where you work. Penny+ helps you turn social connections into contacts and schedule tasks in Penny - like magic! 🔮 To install the Penny+ Extension, click here 👈

This article will guide you on how to add a contact, how to merge a contact and how to update a contact directly from your social media accounts using the Penny+ Extension.

How to add a contact who is not yet in Penny

Bring contacts from Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn into Penny as you browse.

1 - From your social media page click the Penny icon shown on the right side of a “contact’s” name.

2 - A pop-up will appear on the right, click on "Add to Penny"

3 - Once added to Penny, you will be prompted to choose from the three options:

Option 1 - Add More Details

Option 2 - Add a Task

Option 3 - Complete

4 - When you click Add More Details, it will show the pop-up for the Contact’s Profile.

🔥Hot Tip🔥 The social media handle will be added automatically.

How does it work if the contact is already existing in Penny?

If the name on your social media contact exists in Penny, a pop-up saying - “Found this contact in Penny” will appear to prompt you to add the social handle to the profile.

1 - A confirmation message will appear once you click on the “add social handle to Profile”.

2 - A merge option also appears from the list.

How to use the Merge Function

1 - Click on the Penny icon beside the contact name and choose Merge with Existing Contact

2 - On the next page, search for the contact in Penny to merge with and click on Save.

3 - A confirmation message will appear on your screen confirming that you have merged the contact with Penny 🚀

How to update a contact directly from your social media accounts

Add a social media profile to your existing Penny contacts or update their information from your social media feed.

1 - Open your existing social media account

2 - Click on the Penny icon beside the name and the contact profile will appear on the right. You can go to activity, tags, edit, etc. on this page.

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 If you clicked on Edit and you want to go back to the profile, click “Back”, and if you want to close the profile, click the X icon.

You're ready to prospect on social media like a pro. 💥

If you like to import facebook contacts without Penny+, please check out this separate article:

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