Penny was created to help you move away from using notebooks and spreadsheets. This way, you can keep on top of your workflow and continue to build relationships.😉

With Penny, you can rev up your business by having your own personal assistant working for you 24/7. Penny helps organize your current prospects and customers to ensure you are reaching out to them about the right topics, at the right time.

Before you get started, you'll need to meet the 2️⃣ following criteria:

1 - You have to be using a computer 💻 (not a mobile device like an iPad or mobile phone)

2 - You have to be using Google Chrome as your web browser. You can click here to "Install Google Chrome" 👈 then follow Google's instructions.

While there may be several options when it comes to web browsers, Penny is optimized for Google’s Chrome browser. This is definitely ideal when you are busy at work!

Note: You can sign up for Penny on your mobile device but the process to get from signing up to completing your first task is more simple from web. Once you're set up on web, all you need to do is sign in form your mobile!

How to sign up for Penny

1 - Click here 👈 to go to the Penny web app. You can also go to our website and sign up from there. See the image below:

2 - On the onboarding page, enter your email address, first & last name, and password. Then click "Create Account".

Here is visual of how that page looks:

3 - On the next page, type in which organization you work with, it should populate below the search. If you do see your organization, the next step will be to sync with your organization's back office by entering the same credentials as your back office 😊

If you don't see your organization, not to worry - you can still use Penny! We're working towards official partnerships with several Organizations. You can type in your organization then click "continue".

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 - Penny is case-sensitive. 😉

4 - All set! Welcome to Penny 🎉

We're so excited that you have joined the Penny team to help you grow and keep you on track for reaching out and staying connected 🙌

Get support, always.

You're here, so you probably know about this feature already. But Penny has a whole team working behind her, too. You have access to a plethora of articles showing you exactly how to use Penny to the best of her ability.

The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

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