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How to Download Contacts from LinkedIn
How to Download Contacts from LinkedIn

This article will help you download all your LinkedIn contacts for you to add into Penny

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Tired of switching back and forth between your LinkedIn screen to add your contact details? We found a way for you to download all of your LinkedIn contacts and information so you can easily direct add them to Penny from there 👇

How to download your LinkedIn contacts

1 - Login to the Penny web version from a laptop or computer

2 - Login to your LinkedIn account in a separate tab

3 - Select the Me icon at the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage.

4 - Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.

5 - Select Data privacy on the left.

6 - Under the How LinkedIn uses your data section, select Change next to Get a copy of your data.

7 - Select Connections.

8 - Select Request archive.

9 - Enter your password and select Done.

10 - You'll receive an email to your Primary Email address:

11 - Now select Download Archive in your LinkedIn from there to get a copy of all your LinkedIn contacts and information.

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