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How to Place a Task Into "Pending"
How to Place a Task Into "Pending"
How to change the status of a task from open to Pending in the Penny app
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A task isn't complete until you hear back from your contact. If you're waiting to hear back from one of your hot prospects ⏲️ or any one of your contacts, and you don't want to mark your task as complete just yet, you can place their task into "Pending".

How to place a task into the "Pending" status

1 - Select a task

2 - Select the form of communication you'd like to use (for example. Facebook Messenger, Instagram, email, SMS etc.)

3 - Send your message! 😉

4 - Once you navigate back to Penny, you will see the "Pending" icon beside their task.

5 - When you hear back from your contact, you can mark the task as "Complete".

Now, have you finally heard back from your contact and want to complete the task? We can show you how to see all your completed tasks for today and how much work you've done so far for the last 2 weeks! See the article below for details 👇

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