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How to View "Completed" Tasks
How to View "Completed" Tasks

If you would like to see a list of your completed tasks, this guide will help.

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Penny loves to keep track of all of the work you put into your business and set goals for the future! 😉

Penny allows you to view your "completed" tasks in detail up to the last 2 weeks so you can track your progress. Keep reading to see how.

View completed tasks

From the web app:

1 - Select the "Customer Care" option in the left-hand side menu.

2 - Select "Completed" under tasks on the right-hand side menu.

3 - Click on the task you want to see.

4 - You can also choose to see the Completed tasks under Prospecting, Custom Lists, and Team Care from the right-hand side of the page.

From the mobile app:

1 - Go to the Daily.

2 - Select the type of task (Reachout, Follow-up, Personal Check-in, etc.,)

3 - On the lower right-hand side, see Completed.

4 - If the Completed number has a value, it means there are tasks that were previously completed.

5 - Select the number and your completed tasks will show up.

6 - If the number shows zero, it means there are no completed tasks.

Important Note: At this time, the completed tasks feature displays up to 2 weeks past, however, all completed tasks for an individual can be seen on their profile "Activity" thread.

How to "Undo" a task

Marked a task as Complete by mistake? That's okay, Penny is smart enough to know we make mistakes sometimes. So it is possible to "undo" them, too!

🌶️ Hot Tip 🌶️ You can "undo" a recently completed task (up to 2 weeks). Phew!

Undo tasks from the same day on the web

When you complete tasks on the same day, the task will remain in your "Daily" dashboard. You can undo it right from that daily page:

1 - Click one of the completed task options which appear on the right of the "Daily" window in the web app or at the bottom of the "Daily" screen on the mobile app. This will open Penny's task details panel.

2 - Then, click "Undo" beside the task

That's it! 🎉

Undo tasks from 2+ days on the web

1 - In the web app, follow these steps to view your completed tasks.

2 - Click on the task you want to undo.

3 - Click the "Undo" button. Tada! 🎉

Undo tasks from your mobile app

1 - Follow these steps to view your completed tasks on your mobile app.

2 - Select the task you want to undo

3 - Select the "Undo" button. Tada! 🎉

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