Sometimes, you overbook yourself 😬 or put something on your to-do list that you don't need to do. Whoops!

This article will show you how to get those erroneous tasks off ❌ your to-do list and clear your schedule.

How to delete a task

From the "Daily" Page in web

1 - Open your "Prospecting" Page

2 - Select the task you want to delete. The contact card will appear on the right hand side of your screen

3 - Click "Remove". That's it! 🎉

From the Mobile App

1 - Open your "Prospecting" Page or you can start directly from the "Daily" dashboard

2 - Select the task you want to delete. A panel will appear on the screen.

3 - Click "Remove"

Here's a visual below 👇

From the "Contact Card"

1 - Go to "Contacts"

2 - Search for the contact or select from the contact listing

3 - Click on the contact. Their contact card will appear.

4 - You will see an "Activity" tab with all the tasks listed.

5 - Beside the task, you will see an "x". That will delete the task. Make sure you want to delete it! It won't confirm if you do or not.

Here is a visual of where the "x" delete button is 👇

If you want to see more tasks in Penny, click the button below 👇

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