What is Content?
This article will explain all the features and benefits within Penny's Content section.
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Content is a combination of digital materials provided by your company as well as Content you've created yourself, that can be filtered and separated into categories.

In summary, the Content feature allows you to send your contacts existing and personalized content and provide useful information at the touch of a button.


The Content section is set up with the following default categories:

  • Corporate Content

  • My Content

  • Favorite Content

You can add unlimited additional categories by clicking + Add on the top right. This is a great tool to stay organized and add extra sections for promos, years, etc. Click here to learn more about Categories.

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 Favorite any content by clicking on the ❤️ located at the top right of a content piece

Featured Content

Penny will highlight Featured Corporate Content on the far right of the Content dashboard if you are on the web version! If you are on the mobile app, it will show your frequently used content in the top section. If corporate content is not available, you will see your two most used content pieces! 👇

Search Feature

Looking for specific Content but can't remember the title? You can search and filter using keywords in the search engine on both web and mobile platforms. Just type in one of the keywords and see the relevant Content populate below. You can also sort and filter content that your organization has uploaded by country and language. 🚀

Trackable Links

One of the coolest features is the ability to track the activity of Content shared with your Contacts with trackable links. 🤓

What does this mean? Every time a Contact clicks on the link from the Content you sent, you'll receive a notification of how many times it's been viewed. It would be much more productive to follow up with a Contact who has clicked a link 7 times than a Contact who has only clicked it once.

Content Share Counter

Since the Content feature enables tracking, you can view a preview of the content shares.

What does this mean? You can see interaction results for each piece of Content you share. The analytics are refreshed every 15 minutes, allowing you to see what content is getting the most engagement!

Click on "View" and then "Shared On" to view how many times you have shared that Content 👇

Ready to start creating and sending Content to your Contacts?

Learn how to create Content by clicking the link below. 👇

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