You have the ability to create Content for each task Penny assigns you, which will help you streamline your workflow. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a script ready to send for all your Reachouts, Follow-ups, Check-ins and even all your custom lists? Now you can 😉

The best part about Content is you can create unique digital materials using your own videos, pictures and scripting!

How to Create Content:

1 - Go to the "Content" section

2 - Select "+ Add" and click on "Add New Content"

3 - A pop-out tab will appear at the left. Type in the title of your Content, and select the task type you would like to use the Content for.

4 - Add in your script. Don't worry if you want to make revisions - you can edit your script before sending it to a Contact.

5 - Paste a link into the "Add a link" space, or attach an image. This creates the trackable link for you to see how many times the link was opened.

6 - Select the Language and hit "Save" 🎉

🔥 Hot Tip: Add images and links to your Content before you hit "Save". You won't be able to add trackable links and images after you've created your Content.

Now that you have created your own Content, you're ready to share it!

Click here to learn how 👇

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