Content is a great way to save time as you have pre-saved scripts, images, pdf and videos to share with your contacts!


The Content section is set up with following default categories:

  • Corporate Content

  • My Content

  • Favorite Content

This article will show you how to add an additional category, how to move content to a new category, how to remove content from a category and how to edit a category!

How to add an additional Category

You can add unlimited additional categories by clicking + Add on the top right. This is a great tool to stay organized and add extra sections for promos, years etc.

1 - Open the "Content" section

2 - Click on "+ Add" located at the top right

3 - Click on "Add New Category"

4 - Give your Category a title and click on "Create"

How to move Content to a new category

1 - Hover over the Content piece and select "Categorize"

2 - Choose the new category and click "Save to". All set! You'll now be able to see the Content under the category selected 🎉

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 Content can exist in more than one category.

How to remove Content from a Category

1 - Find the category where the Content lives

2 - Click "View All"

3 - Find the Content piece and hover over it

4 - Click on the "Remove from Category" icon at the top left. That's it, your Content will now be removed from that Category!

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 You can remove any content from any category that you created.

How to rename a Category

1 - Find the category you'll like to edit

2 - Click "View All"

3 - At the top left, click on " ✏️ Edit"

4 - Click on "Edit Category"

5 - Rename the category and click on "Update"

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 You can rename any content that was created by you.

See the below link to learn more about Content👇

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