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How to Use the Category Function in the Content Section
How to Use the Category Function in the Content Section
This article explains how to add additional categories, move content to a different category and remove content from a category
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Content is a great way to save time as you have pre-saved scripts, images, pdf, and videos to share with your contacts!


The Content section is set up with the following default categories:

  • Corporate Content

  • My Content

  • Favorite Content

How to Add an Additional Category

You can add unlimited additional categories by clicking + Add on the top right. This is a great tool to stay organized and add extra sections for promos, years, etc.

1 - Open the "Content" section

  • On the mobile app select More and then Content 📱

  • On the web version, select Content from the left-hand side 💻

2 - Select "+ Add" located at the top right

3 - Select "Add Category"

4 - Type a Title of your Category

5 - Select "Create"

How to Move Content to a new category

1 - Hover over the Content piece and select "Categorize"

2 - Choose the new category and click "Save to". All set! You'll now be able to see the Content under the category selected 🎉

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 Content can exist in more than one category.

How to Remove Content from a Category

1 - Find the category where the Content lives

2 - Select "View All"

3 - Find the Content piece and hover over it

4 - Select the "Remove from Category" icon at the top left.

That's it, your Content will now be removed from that Category!

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 You can remove any content from any category that you created.

How to Rename a Category

1 - Find the category you like to edit

2 - Select "View All"

3 - Edit the category

  • On the mobile app, select the 3 dots on the top right and select Edit Category 📱

  • On the web version, select "Edit" at the top right 💻

4 - Rename the category and select "Update"

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 You can rename any category you created.

See the below link to learn more about Content👇

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