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How to SMS Contacts Using Your MacOS
How to SMS Contacts Using Your MacOS
This article will show how you can send an SMS from the web.
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Did you know that you can SMS your contacts directly from the web version of Penny? 💻 Continue reading to learn how to!🚀

🚨 Important: This feature requires the Messaging App activated on your macOS. Need to install the Messages App on your Mac? Have a look at this Apple support article on how to get started.

How to Send SMS via Web to your Contact in Penny 💻

1 - Select Daily.

2 - Select a task.

3 - On the right-hand side, select the Contact button.

4 - A new window opens up. Select SMS.

5 - Once you select the SMS button, it will open a pop-up in a new tab saying “Open Messages?”.

⚠️ The SMS function will only work if there is a phone number attached to your contact’s profile. You will also need a messages app installed on your macOS for the function to work on your account. The option to share content using SMS will also be available.

6 - Tick the “Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app”.

7 - Click the Open Messages button.
8 - The default "Messages" app on your computer will open

9 - Type your message and click send. That's it! 🎉

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