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How to Complete a "Reachout" Task
How to Complete a "Reachout" Task
Reach outs are the first contact you make with a prospect. This article will show you how to complete one from beginning to end.
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This is the right resource for you if you're unsure about how to do your initial prospecting assignment, referred to as a "Reachout" in Penny. ✅

Prospecting tasks involve a distinct set of procedures that may require some adjustment compared to your other tasks. In this piece, we'll detail the steps involved in how to go about it.

How to complete a Reachout task; step-by-step

1 - Select a Reachout task from the "Prospecting" page or from your "Daily."

2 - Select the button located under "Contact" at the bottom of the task card.
3 - Select the method which you would like to contact them with. For example, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Email, etc.
4 - Once you have reached out to the contact, the task will be marked as "Pending" status until you get a reply from the contact and mark it as "Complete."
5 - Penny will ask you "How did your reach out with (contact's name) go?" and you can choose any category that suits your Prospect the best.
6 - Penny will ask you to schedule a "Follow up" task and depending on the category you chose for your contact, Penny will also suggest you a date for the "Follow up" task.

Note that you can customize the date.
7 - It is important but optional to add Notes and Tags, you can add them to the Contact's Profile or the task itself.
8 - Select 'Schedule' to complete the task and that's it! 🎉

Please note: It's possible to mark the task as 'Complete' even if your contact hasn't replied yet. The 'Pending' status is solely for your information, indicating that you've already contacted that individual and are currently awaiting their response.

🔥Hot tip🔥 Attaching Notes and Tags after a Reachout task is easy, and you have options:

  • When you attach a note to the Reachout, it won't appear anywhere except that specific task you completed. Example: "Sandra mentioned she wasn't free to chat today."

  • When you attach a note to the next Scheduled Follow-up, it will only appear on your next scheduled task item that was created automatically by Penny. Example: "Sandra asked me to remind her about the promotion I am holding for x product next week during our call."

When you attach a note to the Profile, you will be able to see the note anytime you look in the general notes section of your contacts' profile card without having to search for the task. Example: "Sandra mentioned she is allergic to avocados."

Completed your next follow-up and need to re-categorize your prospect? See the article below. 👇

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