If you're wondering how to complete your first prospecting task, also known in Penny as a "Reachout", you've come to the right place. ✅

Prospecting tasks have a different set of steps than your other tasks which could take a little getting used to. This article will outline the steps as well as show you a video on how to do it.

How to complete a Reachout, step-by-step:

1 - Select a Reachout task from the "prospecting" page or from your Daily.

2 - Choose the method which you would like to contact them with. IE. SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, email, etc.

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 The task will be marked as "Pending" status until you get a reply from the contact and mark it as "complete" by selecting the green button.

3 - Once you hear back from your user, select the "complete" option, or complete the task at your own discretion.

4 - You will be brought to the categorization options. Choose one!

IE. On the Fence, There's a Chance, Hot Prospect, Potential Consultant, Not Interested. (Don't worry, you can change these later.)

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 Depending on which option you choose, your next follow-up task will automatically be created for you.

5 - Now you can close the task if you're done or you can make notes, add tags or reschedule the next follow-up.

6 - If you choose to make notes or add tags, you can attach the note to the Reachout you just completed, the next Scheduled Follow up, or your contact's Profile in the activity section.

7 - Hit "Save"

🔥 Hot Tips🔥 Attaching notes and tags after a reachout task is easy and you have options:

  • When you attach a note to the Reachout, it won't appear anywhere except that specific task you completed. Example: "Sandra mentioned she wasn't free to chat today."

  • When you attach a note to the next Scheduled Follow-up, it will only appear on your next scheduled task item that was created automatically by Penny. Example: "Sandra asked me to remind her about the promotion I am holding for x product next week during our call."

  • When you attach a note to the Profile, you will be able to see the note anytime you look in the general notes section of your contacts' profile card without having to search for the task. Example: "Sandra mentioned she is allergic to avocados."

Completed your next follow-up and need to re-categorize your prospect? See the article below 👇

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