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How to Use the Daily?
How to Use the Daily?

Penny will provide you with tasks to drive your business forward every single day.

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What is the Daily?

The Daily is a curated list of tasks from Penny that makes staying on top of your business super easy and stress-free in a very short period of time. Every day you will receive tasks pertaining to prospecting, your Customer Care Cycle, and Team Care. Communication is key and these tasks will ensure you connect and run a successful business.

What tasks can be found in the Daily?

Prospecting Tasks

  • "Reachout" is the very first task created to engage NEW prospects

  • "Follow-up" is all the touch-points after your initial reach out. Penny creates these automatically or you can create them manually.

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 Don't see any prospecting tasks? Ensure you have "Fill your Funnel" turned on on your "Prospecting" page.

Customer Care Cycle Tasks

Customer Care tasks will ensure a customer never falls through the crack. Penny will add tasks in the order process as well as touchpoints you provide along the way to keep your customers engaged with you and your products. Click here to see what these tasks are.

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